Russia Witnesses Voluntary Surge in Military Recruitment Following Moscow Concert Hall Attack

In response to the tragic assault on a concert hall near Moscow last month, approximately 16,000 Russian citizens have stepped forward, expressing their eagerness to join the armed forces.

This surge in enlistment came within just ten days after the devastating incident that claimed the lives of over 140 individuals. The Russian Defence Ministry disclosed these figures in a recent statement, highlighting an uptick in military enlistments as the nation struggles with the aftermath of the attack.

Since the beginning of the year, the Defence Ministry reported that over 100,000 contracts had been signed with the military, with a notable increase observed in the days following the March 22 attack in the Moscow region. Many of the new recruits cited their desire to seek justice for the victims as their primary motivation for joining the armed forces.

The incident, which took place at Crocus City Hall, has deeply affected the Russian populace, prompting a swift response from the authorities. The Russian government announced the arrest of four additional individuals believed to be involved in the attack, bringing the total number of suspects detained to date to 15. These latest arrests were made in Makhachkala and Kaspiysk, with the suspects allegedly linked to the financing and logistical support of the attackers.One of the detained, in a video released by the FSB, admitted to transporting weapons for the assailants, underscoring the complex network behind this act of terrorism. The Russian Health Minister, Mikhail Murashko, confirmed that the death toll had risen to 144, with many more injured in the assault.


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