Scores of Students, Final Year Candidates, Expelled from Nigerian University, UNILORIN

The University of Ilorin (UNILORIN), located in Kwara State, Nigeria, has taken decisive action against 19 of its students for violations of the university’s code of conduct.

The announcement came from Kunle Akogun, the Director of Corporate Affairs at UNILORIN, through a press release on Monday.

The decision to expel these students was made following recommendations from the Students’ Disciplinary Committee during its 220th and 221st meetings, receiving approval from the institution’s Vice Chancellor, Prof Wahab Egbewole, SAN. The misconduct leading to this stern action includes a range of offences from examination malpractice, theft, hostel bed-space racketeering, extortion, to physical assault on another student, among others.

These students, spanning across different academic stages—from the 100 to 400 levels—faced penalties that varied depending on the gravity of their offences. Sanctions ranged from rustication for a semester or an academic session to outright expulsion. Notably, this crackdown affected students across various faculties and departments, indicating the university’s broad and impartial approach to enforcing discipline.

Earlier in February, UNILORIN had also expelled nine students for related misconduct, highlighting a consistent and firm stance against academic dishonesty and unethical behavior. The repeated actions taken by the university management demonstrate a clear message that integrity, honesty, and respect for fellow students and the institution’s regulations are non-negotiable values at the University of Ilorin.


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