Advanced Military Assets Lost as ISIS Ambush, Strikes Nigerian Soldiers

Islamic State (ISIS) militants orchestrated a sophisticated ambush against the Nigerian Army in Tillabéri.

The aftermath of the attack has also revealed some disturbing details about the sophisticated weapons that the militants were able to capture and destroy.

Among the equipment lost to the extremists was a Puma M36 MK5 MRAP, a South African-made, heavily armored vehicle previously donated by the United States. This loss is particularly significant, representing a substantial decrease in the military capacity of Niger and raising alarms over the region’s security integrity.

Further exacerbating concerns, ISIS militants also managed to secure a Singapore-made STK/CIS 40 AGL auto grenade launcher, renowned for its precision and powerful impact. The capture of such high-tech equipment marks a worrying advancement in the terrorists’ armory, signaling a potential increase in their operational strength and territorial influence.

Additionally, the extremists acquired an arsenal of heavy weaponry, including 107mm Chinese Type 63-2 HE rockets, KPV and Type 85 heavy machine guns, and several AKM/Type 56 assault rifles. The possession of these weapons by ISIS not only poses a grave threat to regional stability but also indicates their growing proficiency in militaristic engagements against the Nigerien forces.


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