Rivers Political Crisis: Wike Calls on Court to Make Pronouncement Against Defectors

Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Nyelsom Wike has called on the court to make a pronouncement against political defectors to save democracy in Nigeria.

Wike made the call while reacting to the crisis in Rivers State House of Assembly where 27 lawmakers elected under the platform of PDP defected to the opposition All Progressives Congress, APC.

Describing them as political harlots, the FCT minister did not mince words about such an unwholesome action by politicians.

His words: “The court should make a pronouncement so that everybody will be careful. You give somebody an umbrella, and the next day, he defects. EFCC will come, you say no, let me join them so that EFCC will not be against me.
“You carry the votes of another party, you join another party. Can you transfer votes? You work hard for somebody to win an election. Tomorrow, the person said no, I have defected. If you are defecting, leave the seat.
“If you don’t want EFCC. And this will checkmate those of you political harlots who will never sit in one place looking for excuses here and there. ‘I was insulted by my ward chairman. I was not allowed to bring a Councillor, I’m leaving the party because you believe that they can not take your seat.
This I as a clear example to strengthen democracy, it is better for the court to make a pronouncement. “


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