PHOTOS: Israel Vs Hamas: Another Emotional Scene at Jerusalem Military Cemetery

War and death are two inseparable phenomena that occur usually simultaneously. Various societies around the world are threatened by prevalent crises resulting in unprecedented deaths and the destruction of properties.

Israel on the 7th of October, 2023 experienced one of the most indelible gloomy days in a century when Hamas launched a deadly attack that claimed no fewer than 1,407 people.

Consequently, Israel had embarked on retribution leading to the loss of over 25, 107 lives and millions of people.

Meanwhile, De Erudite Media gathered that Adir Tahar, a beacon of hope and youth, was mercilessly beheaded by Hamas – a barbaric act of terror that has received vehement condemnation from the supporters of Israel.

In a display of mockery and degradation of human dignity, his severed head was paraded as a trophy in Gaza marking a new low for humanity.

Thus, at Jerusalem’s military cemetery, Adir Tahar’s mother weeps beside his grave.

Reacting to the circumstances surrounding the loss, an Israeli commentator wrote: “A life stolen, a family broken, a nation in anguish. We must stand united against this cruelty, for Adir, for Israel, for justice. Terror has no place in our world.”


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