Israel Vs Hamas: Photos Indicate Final Fall of Gaza’s Government

The lingering war between Israel and Hamas has triggered unprecedented repercussions for the entire territory of Gaza leading to the final fall of its government to Israel’s military control.

October 7, 2023, was a day of horror in Israel following the brutal unprovoked attack on civilians by Hamas leading to the destruction of no fewer than 1407 lives had become one of the deadliest attacks with monumental cost in the history of the nation.

Since then, the Gaza Strip has not experienced peace and stability as the Israeli government swore to war till its enemies are annihilated.

Over ten thousand Palestinians have paid for what they didn’t do as the bombardment of the city by the Israeli military continues.

Hamas has on the other hand remained taciturn to the demand for the release of hundreds of Israeli citizens taken hostage while the Israeli government stands on no retreat nor surrender until its citizens regain freedom and are reunited with their families.

Meanwhile, the current photos of the Gaza parliament indicate that the Israeli military has taken over the entire system.


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