Iran Vs Israel: “Not Over Yet” Israel Declares as Iran Makes Fresh Claims

Following the dozens of Ballistic missiles launched into Israel by Iran on Saturday, Israel has made a strong statement, warning that confrontation “not over yet”.

This is as Iran sent waves of drones and missiles in cross-border attack on Israeli territory.

According to a statement by Israel on the attack by Iran on Saturday, 331 missiles and drones launched by Iran at Israel were all intercepted, 185 out of 185 Kamikaze Drones, and 103 out of 110 Ballistic Missiles were shot down.

It also stated that 36 out of 36 Cruise Missiles were shot down, while 7 Ballistic Missile impacts have been recorded on Israeli territory.

In a counter-reaction, Iran opined that the attack “achieved all its objectives”.

Iran has also warned Israel of a larger attack on its territory should it retaliate against Tehran’s retaliatory overnight attack, adding that the US should not back Israeli military action.


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