Hamas Attack Victims: Emotional Moment as Parents Watch One-Year-Old Baby Languishes in Captivity

There was an atmosphere of emotion as President Herzog of Israel, holds the photo of the kidnapped Israeli toddler Kfir Bibas, who celebrates his one-year birthday today – in Hamas captivity.

Herzog displayed the photos at the ongoing World Economic Conference in Davos.

After over three months in captivity, the baby and victim of the October 7, 2023 attack on Israel by Hamas, many of those taken hostage are still living in a nightmare, languishing in the dungeon of their captors.

Consequently, a baby experiencing its first birthday celebration under captivity has ignited and triggered further reactions concerning the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas.

An Israeli commentator did not mince words while commenting on the development:

“The first birthday in his life, the first year of his life – and he is living a nightmare. I pray he survives.

“Israel has every right to do what is needed to bring back the hostages. #BringThemHomeNow”.


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