Good News for Anambra Youths as Gov Soludo Takes Youth Empowerment to Higher Level, Partners With FG, Others

The Anambra State government under the auspices of Prof Charles Soludo is set to take the 1 Youth 2 Skills project launched in 2023 to a greater height.

This is as the Commissioner for Youth Development in Anambra State, Hon. Patrick Agha Mba, and his team, Wednesday the 24th day of January 2024, engaged in a pivotal meeting with the Honourable Minister of State For Youth, Hon. Ayodele Olawande, at the Ministry in FCT Abuja.

The crux of the discussion was the exploration of collaboration with the federal government on the innovative “1 Youth 2 Skills” program recently launched by Honorable Minister Olawande.

Already a success under the visionary administration of Governor Charles Soludo, CFR, the “1 Youth 2 Skill Solution” was inaugurated in Anambra State in October 2022, marking a great step towards an evolutionary youth empowerment system in Nigeprogram’sogramme’s primary mission is to create 1000 youth millionaires and massively generate private sector jobs annually in Anambra State, presenting a formidable strategy to combat youth unemployment while discouraging involvement in social vices that could compromise the state’s security.

Rooted in an age-old and highly-rated Igbo Apprenticeship programme draws inspiration from a tradition that has produced successful entrepreneurs globally.

1 Youth 2 Skills Solution has flourished under the current administration of Prof. Charles Chukwuma Soludo, graduating and empowering an impressive 5000 beneficiaries in 2023 alone, for business start-ups and business expansion in the N2 Billion – Business Financing Scheme of the program. In addition to this, 20,000 youths of the state were also empowered with super-tech digital skills under the Solution Innovation District (SID).

1 Youth 2 Skills Solution, which is run through a community-based approach decentralizes youth empowerment, reaching beyond the state capital to involve various communities. The comprehensive model integrates Apprenticeship, Entrepreneurship, Cooperative Formation, Business Financing, a One-year Mentoring Scheme, and meticulous Monitoring and Evaluation at every stage, ensuring sustained impact.

The initiative’s key mission is to foster smart entrepreneurs who are both economically productive and socially responsive. Leveraging apprenticeship and entrepreneurship models of training, it seeks to equip the youth with the skills needed for success in a competitive market.

Furthermore, the State Government of Anambra expresses a keen interest in aligning with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s vision for youth development. Seeking collaboration with the federal government signifies a joint effort to combat youth restiveness, unemployment, and endemic poverty.

In a progressive move towards modernization, the state government is actively working to digitize the learning process. This initiative aims to allow beneficiaries to acquire skills from the comfort of their zones, making education more accessible and adaptable to the evolving digital landscape.

The Honourable Minister of State For Youth, Hon. Ayodele Olawande, expresses his sincere appreciation for the visit from Hon. Patrick Agha Mba, and his team. He enthusiastically looks forward to fostering a collaborative partnership with Anambra State on youth development, aiming to scale up the impactful “1 Youth 2 Skills” program citing that youth development and empowerment remains one of the topmost priors of the President Tinubu Renewed Hope agenda.

This mutual commitment reflects a shared vision for empowering the youth and building a more prosperous and secure future for the nation.




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