Details as Governor Soludo Launches New Infrastructure Projects in Awka

In an exciting development for residents of Awka and its environs, construction work is currently in progress at the Aroma “Step” close to the expressway, marking the commencement of a new flyover project.

This ambitious infrastructure project aims to connect Ifite Awka directly to Nkwo Amaeni, an area also known as Ifite Road.

The initiative is part of the government’s efforts to improve transportation and ease traffic congestion in the region.

The construction of the Ifite Road flyover is a significant move by Governor Soludo’s administration, reflecting a strong commitment to enhancing the state’s infrastructure and the overall quality of life for its citizens. The project is widely applauded by locals who anticipate the positive impact it will have on their daily commutes and the area’s economic prospects.

Looking ahead, there’s also growing anticipation for the development of the Regina Ceali junction by the expressway.
This upcoming project further demonstrates the government’s dedication to infrastructural development and its potential to transform the urban landscape of Awka.


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