BREAKING: France Set to Enshrine Abortion Rights in Constitution

France is on the verge of becoming the world’s first nation to constitutionally safeguard abortion rights.

The National Assembly and the Senate, comprising 925 members, are scheduled to convene in Versailles to deliberate on amending Article 34 of the constitution.

This amendment aims to secure women’s freedom to access abortion services.

To pass, the amendment requires a three-fifths majority vote among the legislators. Should it receive the necessary support, France will stand as the sole country globally to explicitly enshrine the right to terminate a pregnancy within its foundational legal document.

This historic move emerges in response to the recent curtailment of abortion rights in the United States, highlighted by the Supreme Court’s revocation of the landmark 1973 Roe v Wade decision. The aftermath has seen a divisive landscape, with around 20 states imposing stringent restrictions or outright bans on abortion, while others have taken steps to uphold the right.

The French legislative journey to constitutionalize abortion rights reached a critical milestone last Wednesday, with the Senate’s approval of the proposed amendment. This development has been met with widespread acclaim from elected officials and non-governmental organizations. Groups such as Planning Familial (Planned Parenthood) have lauded it as a beacon of hope for feminists globally.

Moreover, prominent figures like hard-left MP Mathilde Panot have celebrated the initiative as a historical milestone.

Advocacy groups, including Osez le Féminisme (Dare Feminism), have praised the effort as a triumph for feminist advocacy and the broader quest to ensure women’s autonomy over their bodies. Alice Bordaçarre from the International Federation of Human Rights underscored the amendment’s significance as a protective measure against potential rollbacks, highlighting the increasing vocal opposition from pro-life factions in various countries, supported by entities like the Vatican.

Despite abortion and contraceptive rights being legal in France since the enactment of the Veil Act in 1975, there have been concerns regarding the potential for future governments to reverse these liberties. By integrating abortion rights into the constitution, France aims to fortify these freedoms against political and societal shifts, ensuring enduring protection for women’s rights to make decisions concerning their bodies.


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