Reactions As Two Nigerian Veteran Actors Pause Birthday Celebrations Amidst National Hardship

In an admirable demonstration of empathy and solidarity with Nigerian citizens, two esteemed veterans from the entertainment industry, actor Jide Kosoko and Fuji musician Wasiu Ayinde Marshal (popularly known as KWAM 1 or K1 De Ultimate), have made the selfless decision to postpone their respective birthday celebrations

Jide Kosoko, who reached the milestone age of 70 on January 12, 2024, chose to forego the festivity initially planned by his colleagues in the movie industry. Through a heartfelt message on Instagram, Kosoko expressed his gratitude for the recognition of his contributions but emphasized the importance of prioritizing the well-being of the Nigerian people amidst prevailing hardships.

His decision, he explained, was borne out of a collective understanding with his peers, highlighting a shared commitment to the broader societal context over individual celebration. Kosoko’s optimistic outlook for the country’s future, coupled with his acknowledgment of shared struggles, resonates with a message of hope and unity.

Similarly, KWAM 1, set to celebrate his 67th birthday on March 3, 2024, announced the cancellation of his celebration in a poignant press statement.

Reflecting on the distressing state of the nation and the difficulties faced by many Nigerians, he urged his fans and well-wishers to redirect their intentions towards helping those in immediate need rather than participating in a celebratory gathering. This move, inspired by his experiences and the palpable disappointment expressed in a recent performance, further highlights the empathy felt by those in the public eye for their fellow citizens.


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