Boko Haram Strikes Again, Claiming Scores of People

Suspected members of the Boko Haram sect are reported to have killed at least 20 individuals in Bassa community, Shiroro Local Government Area, Niger State.

Shockingly, among the victims, 10 youths were brutally slaughtered, and their severed heads were displayed by the assailants in a chilling video.

This tragic incident unfolded around 8 am on Friday, catching the community off guard. The victims had returned to their village to collect essential supplies, having previously fled due to a prior attack.

According to sources, those targeted were residents who resisted recruitment attempts by the terrorist group.

Allegedly, Boko Haram had warned that those who refused to join their ranks would face similar gruesome consequences.

This heinous act underscores the ongoing threat posed by Boko Haram, highlighting the urgent need for enhanced security measures and community vigilance in vulnerable areas.


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