Photos: Mysterious Findings in Ogbunike, Igbo Land: One of the Most Beautiful Places for Global Tourisms

Igbo land in the Southeast, Nigeria is endowed with so many geographic alluring phenomenal for sightseeing. These endowments are found in different places and States in Southeast of the country. However, different tourist areas have their unique makeups that stand them out among others in society.

Ogbunike, a notable town in Oyi Local Government Area of Anambra State is one of the most popular towns in Igbo land endowed with myriad of natural phenomenal for sightseeing. In recent years, the various discoveries in Ogbunike have become more intriguing but with minimum popularity accorded to the town due to some observable circumstances that require urgent attention, the town still beg for maximum developmental attention.

Various pictorials of the findings made in Ogbunike have left the public astonished while longing for a bit of time to visit the town and relish their eyes with the gigantic natural endowments.

Ogbunike caves are alluring spots for national and international tourists who desire to have a lasting impression of the creation. It’s one of the ever-discovered areas of interest in Igbo land, Southeast of the country that hold the key to beauty, waiting to be harnessed.

According to a member of St Patrick’s College Emene Geographical Club that visited this Natural Wonder in the ’60s, it’s disappointing that Ogbunike Caves have remained unharnessed to date.

He decried this lingering negligence, while calling for a special Summit to be organized with the group’s Reps in the various Legislative Houses in attendance.

He said: “These Pictures left me wondering why this unique endowment to Ogbunike has remained unharnessed. I , in company of the members of my St Patrick’s College Emene Geographical Club visited this Natural Wonder in the ’60s. It remained a wonder to behold., especially for global fun and adventure sekers.

“Can the present OPU Exco put the development of this Heritage site in her front burners. She should complement the solo efforts of our amiable, indefatigable son, Ogene Igbo.

“A special summit can be organized with our Reps in the different Legislative houses in attendance. Let’s blow our whistle loud ,before it rusts.”


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