Niger Delta Leader, Ajube Faces Allegation over Invasion of Tom polo’s Security Firm, Threats to Eliminate Commander Asonja, Destruction of Vehicles, others

Recent happenings in Ondo State have brought to light allegations of an attack on the office of Tantita Security, a prominent security firm in the region. Reports indicate that on the night of February 9, 2024, or thereabouts, Chief Bilbor Ajube, also known as Shoot at Sight, purportedly led armed soldiers and his team to the office of Tantita Security located in Agadagba.

The assailants reportedly ransacked the premises, destroyed valuable items, and issued threats aimed at wiping out the security outfit. The situation escalated further when Chief Ajube allegedly contacted Senior High Chief Idowu Asonja, the coordinator of Tantita Security in Ondo State, threatening him with death and vowing to eradicate his presence.

Chief Asonja, a respected figure known for his commitment to upholding the ideals of Tantita Security, has faced relentless pressure from individuals opposed to the firm’s efforts to maintain security in the region. In response to these developments, calls have been made for a thorough investigation by relevant security agencies to ascertain the veracity of the claims and hold those responsible for the alleged attack accountable.

The statement issued on behalf of Senior Chief Idowu Asonja emphasizes his commitment to lawful security arrangements and underscores the importance of preserving peace and stability in Ondo State. Furthermore, it is emphasized that the client possesses evidence, including photos, videos, and recorded conversations, corroborating the reported incident and threats made against him.

This evidence underscores the gravity of the situation and the urgent need for swift action to prevent further escalation of violence and ensure the safety of all involved. As the investigation unfolds, authorities must address the underlying issues and take decisive measures to safeguard the integrity of security operations in the region.

Additionally the support of the government and the people of Ondo State is called upon to hold accountable those found culpable of perpetrating such acts of violence and intimidation. In conclusion, the alleged attack on Tantita Security’s office serves as a stark reminder of the challenges facing security operations in the Niger Delta region.

It underscores the need for collaborative efforts between security agencies, government stakeholders, and local communities to address security concerns and uphold the rule of law. Only through concerted action can lasting peace and stability be achieved in Ondo State and beyond.


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