Israeli Military succeeded in firing one of Hamas’s strongholds as the war enters the third month in Gaza. The strike is a sequel to the persistent efforts of the Israeli Military to clamp down on Hamas and ensure the release of the hundreds of captives under their custody.

Recall that the October 7 attack by Hamas which claimed no fewer than 1407 lives triggered the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. Israel had from the outset of the incident vowed to annihilate Hamas.

The retributive attack has claimed thousands of lives and destroyed the various areas occupied by the Palestinians. Albeit, Israel has maintained to be after their enemies Hamas and its allies, a lot of people who have joined the ancestors as a result of the war are civilians including children, women, and elders.

Consequently, a lot of people and groups have launched criticism against Israel, calling for a complete Ceasefire.
Meanwhile, the alleged breach of the earlier truce which necessitated the swap of hostages between the warring parties has added negatively to the war.
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