2023: Why Tinubu Should Embrace Criticisms On Social Media

The evolution of the social has widened the horizon for the participation of people especially the youth in social-political activities in society.

Thus, the electioneering activities in countries across the globe, including Nigeria are usually flooding the various social media platforms, whereby citizens form factions in support of their favorite candidates before and after polls.

Although some politicians don’t adopt the role social media platforms play in their political strategies, many contemporary leaders embrace the various platforms to build incredible support groups that often deliver positively during general elections.

It, however, can not be omitted that social media platforms shape and reshape the leadership systems in the country, which inadvertently contribute immensely to the failure or success of every important political officeholder or administration.

The aforementioned, notwithstanding, the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu, has given reasons he stopped paying attention to articles, stories, and trending issues on social media.

The Lagos state former governor stated that reading articles on social media gives him ‘high blood.

APC presidential candidate disclosed this in a video posted on Twitter by one of his allies, Ademola Oshodi.

In the video clip, the former Lagos State governor said he gets angry whenever he reads articles on social media.

“I don’t read social media anymore; they abuse the hell out of me. If I read it, I get high blood pressure and angry.

“I don’t read it, so if I want to hear anything; my children or my workers will say this one said this, and when I’m tired, I say please forget it.”

The submission of the APC Presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu indicates that he no longer has the mental and psychological capacity to absorb and withstand constructive criticisms from the public. It, therefore, shows that the man deserves some relaxation rather than the quest for the presidency of the country which demands special agility and tenacity to handle the tasks it embodies.

Again, a greater percentage of the population of youth in Nigeria are the ones causing traffic on Social media and as such, determine the probability of a certain political candidate clinching victory over their counterparts.

It’s obvious that the former Lagos state governor knows his weak points and wants to avoid them, which suggests how shy he would be upon several issues confronting the country at large.

Thus, for Tinubu to have indicated that he is ready to take over the mantle of leadership in Nigeria, he must also be ready to face the youth of the land, who are eagerly awaiting the deal day to decide who would oversee the future of over two hundred million people.

Recall that it was the same Social media platforms that the youth used to coordinate the indelible #EndSARS Demonstration in Nigeria.

Therefore, APC should not shy away from social media issues. Meanwhile, Sen. Tinubu has to embrace the trends in his name on the various social media platforms, for him to be able to adjust when need be.


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