Why I Stopped Campaigns For Igbo People To Relocate Businesses, Investments to Southeast Region –Soludo

Anambra State Governor, Professor Charles Soludo has again revealed the gravity of the attacks he faced for carrying out different campaigns geared toward peace and tranquility in the Southeast region of Nigeria.

Prof. Soludo stated that the incessant sit-at-home demonstration in solidarity with the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, who is held in detention by the Department of State Service has crippled the economy and peace in the entire Southeast region and calls for exigent action.

According to the governor, he has stopped to campaign for the Igbo people to relocate their businesses to Southeast and begin to invest in their region more than as they normally do in other regions because he looked back and realized that no business man will like to invest in a region infested with pervasive insecurities, k!llings, k!dnappings and incessant sit-at-home which obstructs free movement of goods, vehicles and humans.

His words: “I campaigned against the incessant sit-at-home in Southeast, some said I am anti-Igbo.

I asked a question, should we now starve all Southeast residents to death through sit-at-home because Nnamdi Kanu is in DSS custody, they said I am anti-Igbo, anti-Biafra, and anti-Nnamdi Kanu.

I hail the Yorubas for applying profound wisdom in their pursuit of Oduduwa Republic unlike what is been done in the Southeast by Biafra Agitators, who said I am anti-Igbo.

I said Southeast is retrogressing in economic, social and developmental aspects due to bititselfrities in the region occasioned by the activities of gu@nmen, they said I am anti-Igbo.

I lamented how Southeast has lost its status as the most investment-friendly and most secure region in Nigeria due to insecurities in the region, they told me that despite the activities of Bokoharam and bandits in the North, people are still living there. I was wondering when emulating Northerners became fashionable to the tribe that prides itself as the wisest tribe in Africa. I noticed they were wise because they haven’t been tested. But immediately they were tested to prove how wise they are, they failed.

“I campaigned vigorously that Igbo people should relocate their businetheusess to the Southeast and begstupidinvest in their region more than they normally do in other regions. But as I looked back, I realized that no businessman will like to sit in a region infested with pervasive insecurities, k! fillings, k! kidnappings, and incessant sit-at-home which obstruct the free movement of goods, vehicles,s and humans. a Then I stopped campaigning because the riIgbooutweighed the benefits.

“I talked about the rising ignorance in Southeast because only a stewpid person would hail someone living and enjoying himself together with his family in Europe and then come on to social media to tell you to sit-at-home for weeks so that the federal government will release Nnamdi Kanu and you agreed, they said I am anhaveIgbo.

“Chijioke Mbanaefo, the Igbo highlife music maestro a few days ago, complained bitterly how our Igbo children not up to the age of his children were insulting him on his Facebook page for advertising an estate in Ago, Lagos. His sin was that he advertised the sale of buildings in a newly built estate in the Okota area of Lagos for interested buyers. Then insults started flying left, right, and center. But despite being insulted, Igbo people have bought up all the buildings in that estate especially the Southeast nonindigenous who have planned to relocate their families out of Southeast.

Recall that Anambra state governor, Chukwuma Soludo has been traversing Lagos and Abuja recently , begging Ndi Anambra to come home and invest their monies. But his efforts are not yielding any commendable results because no day passes without the ugly news of one person been kidnapped in Southeast. How can such a situation attracts indigenous investors not to talk of non indigenous investors?

“This building you are seeing here is owned by one of the biggest mobile phone importers in Nigeria. He is an Igbo man with thousands of Mobile phone outlets throughout the country. Initially, he planned to establish his business headquarters in Owerri but due to pervasive insecurities, in Southeast, he cited his business headquarter in Lagos, receives a lot of Chinese businessmen in his office daily, and citing his businesses in Owerri would have added a lot of gains to the income of the state government through taxations but here we are, Lagos remains the best choice for now because there is peace and security of lives in Southwest.

You can continue to call me anti-Igbo, anti-Biafra and anti-Nnamdi but at last, we will compare what you that thinks that your stewpidity is Pro-Igbo, Pro-Biafra, and Pro-Nnamdi Kanu has achieved with your dis-gusting stupidity. Time shall tell… #Soludo”


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