Why I Don’t Support Atiku for President– Rev. Fr. Ugwu

Days to the February 25 Presidential election, a Nigerian Gambia-based Catholic priest, Reverend Father Kelvin Ugwu has expressed in detail, reasons not to support the People’s Democratic Party, PDP’s Presidential Candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar.

Fr. Ugwu, however, stated that he has no issues with the health status of the PDP’s Presidential flag bearer, but based on justice, morals among other factors.

His words:

“Personal reason: Any time the name Atiku is mentioned, the death of Ms Deborah who was killed in Sokoto and burnt to ashes by her fellow students who are Muslims, comes to my mind. The way the whole story died without a single person being held responsible, still breaks my heart. Atiku, for the sake of not offending the Northern Muslims, deleted his tweet and was even alleged to have sponsored lawyers that defended those arrested in connection to killing Deborah.

“Health reason: I have no issue with his health. Though he is older, he seems healthy for his age.

“Reason based on Justice: If a northerner who is a Muslim has ruled the country for 8 years, it is only fair that a southerner should also be allowed to rule. This was even the stand of the PDP, but the greed of Atiku won’t let him think beyond himself. And because he knows he is in the wrong, that is why he keeps promising the Igbos an opportunity ONLY after he is done. Then, to insult our intelligence, he adopted the name unifier.

“Based on Morals: From the testimony of Obasanjo whom he worked with, Atiku’s wealth is questionable.

“Issue base: the problem with Atiku is not the lack of well-written ideas, but the correlation of the ideas to his life. He is totally cut off from Nigeria. So, every election, he will dust his old ideas, put them in a nice print and begin to sell them to the masses.

Among those contesting, he is the only one that has contested the most.
Atiku Abubakar ran unsuccessfully for President of Nigeria five times, in 1993, 2007, 2011, 2015, and 2019.
He ran in the Social Democratic Party presidential primaries in 1993 but lost to Moshood Abiola and Baba Gana Kingibe.
He was a presidential candidate of the Action Congress in the 2007 presidential election coming in third to Umaru Yar’Adua of the PDP and Muhammadu Buhari of the ANPP.
He contested the presidential primaries of the People’s Democratic Party during the 2011 presidential election losing out to incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan.

In 2014, he joined the All Progressives Congress ahead of the 2015 presidential election and contested the presidential primaries losing to Muhammadu Buhari.
In 2017, he returned to the Peoples Democratic Party and was the party’s presidential candidate during the 2019 presidential election, again losing to incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari.
This present election of 2023 is the sixth time Atiku is coming out to be president.

Even to become governor of his state in Adamawa, Atiku contested four good times before he finally won in 1999. Then surprisingly, Obasanjo picked him as vice president, one would have thought he will stay in his state and do all he has been voted for, after all, he has been campaigning for many years to be governor… but as greedy as he is always, he ditched the governorship position, he did not even wait to be inaugurated, he ran to Aso Rock to become vice president. Even as vice president, he could not do his work, because he wanted the position of his Boss, the president.

Atiku’s biggest problem is greed. If Atiku is allowed to context against God, he will.”


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