Watch Israel’s Strikes that Force Hamas Fighters to Surrender

This was made known by an Israeli Activist, after a post that has ignited mixed reactions regarding an alleged situational irony the of Israeli Air Force assisting Hamas fighting getting 72 virgins.

The clip indicates a series of ongoing bombardments in various Gaza strips as the crisis rocking the cities enters the month of January 2024.

Recall that since the October 7 attack orchestrated by Hamas on Israeli citizens, retaliation has increased by the Israel Defense Forces, leading to a shocking loss of lives and properties in the major cities of Gaza.

In another report, the Israel Defense Force IDF has decisively captured a key Hamas stronghold in Gaza as the war against Hamas and its allies intensifies.

In a well-coordinated operation, the IDF had a successful outing when it hit the biggest tunnel of Hamas, bringing down their most deadly and strongest hideout.

The Erudite Media had reported that there was a dramatic moment in Gaza as the crisis hit harder into the fourth month of consistent attacks in the Gaza Strips. This transpires amidst several futile attempts to reach a truce since the eruption of the crisis on the 7th of October, 2023.

Consequently, the Israeli soldiers have been actively involved in the continuous retribution against Hamas and its allies even after the United Nations General Assembly UNGA intervention proved abortive.

Meanwhile, following the cancellation of the Christmas celebration in Jerusalem as a result of the ongoing war, fights have intensified resulting in several losses of lives and property. Consequently, over twenty thousand deaths have been recorded and millions of people displaced.

Gaza’s second biggest city among others has been under severe attacks while Israel remains undeterred by many threats over their refusal to ceasefire, it is unprecedented what the future of the embattled Hamas is as Israel pushes harder for annihilation.

The video below has a lot to be worried about as the war remains unabated.

“Israeli Air Force is helping Hamas terrorists get 72 virgins.”


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