Watch Horrible Video of the Onitsha Market Building Collapse

The Odu Igbo Ochanja market complex, a beacon of commerce still under construction in Onitsha, collapsed around the 26th of February, 2024.

This catastrophe has sent shockwaves through the local community and beyond, highlighting concerns over construction safety and regulations in rapidly developing urban areas.

The Odu Igbo Ochanja market complex was envisioned as a hub for traders and shoppers, aiming to bolster the economic landscape of Onitsha. However, this dream was momentarily shattered when, without warning, the structure gave way.

Emergency services were quick to respond, with local fire brigades, paramedics, and volunteers working tirelessly through the debris to rescue trapped individuals.

The community’s solidarity was palpable, as bystanders and local businesses offered support in any way they could. The exact number of casualties and injuries remains uncertain, as rescue operations continue and officials assess the situation.

This tragic event raises urgent questions about construction practices, oversight, and adherence to safety standards in Onitsha and similar growing cities.

Video here:👇


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