VIDEO: Israel Vs Hamas: Tragedy Hits Hezbollah in Lebanon

Israel has finally brought Hezbollah down in the ongoing crisis rocking the cities. The bombardment occurred today when the Israeli Airforce in a calculated attempt hit targets in complete rage.

Israel has continued to gain momentum in the war against Hamas and its allies.

Recall that Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made their stance on the way forward if Hezobella decides to join forces with Hamas.

This development is a sequel to a meeting between Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the leader of Hezbollah he disclosed that any mistake from from Hezbollah will turn Beirut and South Lebanon into Gaza and Khan Younis.

Israel Defense Forces have intensified efforts to annihilate Hamas since the breach of the truce between them resulting in further strikes and bombardments of Gaza’s second-largest city. However, the IDF maintains that the target Hamas must be clamped and the hundreds of Israelites taken hostage to be released from their camp before any ceasefire.

Both warring nations may be on a long-term journey of crisis considering the deaf ear to the clamour of international communities calling for an end to the war.

Eventually, Israel bombed Hezbollah in Lebanon.


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