VIDEO: Israel Vs Hamas: Again, Jerusalem Comes Under Attack

The lingering crisis between Israel and Hamas has intensified recently as more attacks are launched at the various parts of the two different nations.

Consequently, the wounds inflicted on both parties are growing worse than anticipated leading to the loss of more lives daily basis since October 7, 2023, when Hamas first attacked Israel claiming no fewer than 1,407 lives.

Over 20,000 Palestinians including children, women, and the elderly have reportedly lost their lives since the retribution kicked off in Gaza and its environs.
Similarly, the Israel Defense Force IDF has lost several personnel at the Gaza Strips.

Jewish worshipers at the Western Wall yesterday were spotted running for cover as Jerusalem comes under rocket attack on Shabbat.

The development has brought about heavy tension in Jerusalem amidst the raging war between Israel and Hamas. Recall that the United Nations General Assembly UNGA has voted for a complete and immediate ceasefire.


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