UNIZIK: President and Founder of Odimma Anambra Forum OAF, Amb. Anadi Endorses Prof Ikechebelu for Vice Chancellor

The saying that recognition of dedicated and fair work often leads to greater responsibilities finds validation in the widespread support for Professor Joseph Ikechebelu’s appointment as the next Vice Chancellor of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka.

Ambassador Celestine Anadi, President and Founder of Odimma Anambra Forum (OAF), lauded Professor Joseph Ikechebelu as a distinguished individual, embodying extensive knowledge and experience necessary to succeed the esteemed outgoing Vice Chancellor, Professor Charles Esimone.

Ambassador Anadi’s endorsement follows significant public calls advocating for the continuation of Professor Esimone’s exceptional legacy by another capable leader.
He emphasized that Professor Ikechebelu’s longstanding contributions have earned him a well-deserved recognition, making his appointment a strategic decision to advance UNIZIK’s mission.

Professor Joseph Ikechebelu, currently serving as the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Administration) at Nnamdi Azikiwe University and the Proprietor of Life Institute for Endoscopy and Life International Hospital, Awka, has a commendable track record.
His prior role as Dean of the University’s School of Medicine and his current administrative responsibilities underscore his suitability for the Vice Chancellor position.

Ambassador Anadi asserted, “Placing the interests of the entire UNIZIK community first, Professor Ikechebelu is the ideal candidate for Vice Chancellor. His qualifications are evident to anyone prioritizing institutional advancement over personal gain.

The impressive achievements of Professor Charles Esimone necessitate a successor with profound institutional knowledge and innovative vision to further elevate UNIZIK to global prominence.

Ambassador Anadi’s unwavering support for Professor Ikechebelu underscores his belief in Ikechebelu’s ability to uphold and enhance the university’s esteemed standards.

As a CEO of De Erudite Communications and a prominent figure within the Igbo community, Ambassador Anadi’s endorsement carries significant weight.
He reaffirms his unreserved endorsement of Professor Joseph Ikechebelu for the Vice Chancellor role, highlighting Ikechebelu’s credentials and dedication to serving Nnamdi Azikiwe University with distinction.


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