UK-based Nigerian Pastor Michael Oluronbi Sentenced for Multiple Rapes,Others

In a shocking revelation, UK-based Nigerian pastor Michael Oluronbi has been sentenced to 34 years in prison after being convicted of numerous rapes against members of his congregation.

The offenses occurred over a span of 20 years, involving six women and one man, all of whom were part of his church community.

The Birmingham Crown Court heard that Oluronbi used his position of authority to commit his crimes, manipulating his victims into participating in “spiritual bathing” rituals which he claimed would “cleanse” them of evil spirits. These rituals were nothing more than a guise for Oluronbi to satisfy his perverse desires, leading to multiple unwanted pregnancies and forced abortions.

The court was informed that Oluronbi, a qualified pharmacist, personally took several of his young female victims to abortion clinics to conceal the pregnancies. He faced a total of 15 counts of rape, seven counts of indecent assault, and two counts of sexual assault, with the jury finding evidence of at least 88 separate instances where he raped his victims.

His wife, Juliana Oluronbi, was also implicated in the crimes, receiving an 11-year sentence for aiding and abetting her husband by arranging some of the terminations.

During the trial, a confession video filmed by a victim’s family member, in which Oluronbi admitted to his faults and described himself as an “animal,” was released by the West Midlands Police. Despite this, Oluronbi denied all wrongdoing in court, forcing his victims to relive their traumatic experiences through their testimonies.

Judge Sarah Buckingham condemned Oluronbi’s actions, emphasizing that his “spiritual baths” were purely to fulfill his “insatiable sexual appetite.” She remarked on the profound and severe impact his crimes had on the victims, noting the abuse of trust and Oluronbi’s arrogant and selfish nature.

The case highlighted not only the individual atrocities but also the broader issues of abuse within positions of power and trust. Oluronbi was arrested at Birmingham Airport as he attempted to leave the country, raising suspicions that he was trying to flee justice.


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