Tragic Easter:13 Dead, Two Injured In Kogi Auto Crash

A heart-wrenching tragedy unfolded on a fateful Sunday evening in Kogi State when a commercial bus collided with an articulated truck, resulting in the death of thirteen individuals, with two more suffering injuries.

The collision, which occurred around 7:30 p.m. near the Obajana Market along the Obajana-Lokoja Road, involved a bus that had momentarily stopped behind a truck. The passengers had disembarked to make purchases at the local market when the parked truck’s brakes failed, causing it to crash into the stationary bus from behind. The impact was so severe that it ignited a fire, engulfing the bus and its occupants.

Samuel Oyedeji, the FRSC Sector Commander in Kogi, detailed the sequence of events to Channels Television, noting the fire’s intensity made rescue operations exceedingly difficult. Despite the valiant efforts of FRSC personnel, the Red Cross, and police officers, the fire claimed the lives of nearly all passengers on board. Additionally, two trucks and a motorcycle were also consumed by the flames.

The bus involved in this tragic accident was en route to Abuja from the southern part of Nigeria. In the aftermath, the injured were swiftly transported to Fisayo Hospital in Obajana for urgent medical treatment. However, a concerning dilemma arose as local hospitals hesitated to accept the remains of the deceased, raising the possibility of a mass burial if relatives do not claim the bodies.

In light of this catastrophe, Oyedeji expressed his deep sorrow and described the event as “very sad and unfortunate.” He took this moment to urge drivers to practice caution on the roads by adhering to speed limits and ensuring their vehicles are adequately maintained. The importance of conducting thorough vehicle checks before embarking on journeys was highlighted as a crucial preventive measure against such tragic occurrences.


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