Tinubu Reacts As Soldiers Attack Adamawa Police Command

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has warned the Nigerian Army to desist from carrying out retaliatory assaults on the police or any civilian population over any provocation.

He has also assured all that accidental bombing of civilians by the military will not recur in Nigeria.

Tinubu spoke while declaring open the Chief of Army Staff Annual General Conference 2023 in Maiduguri, on Monday, December 11.

“To you military leaders, you have a responsibility to demonstrate great character in uniform.

“Therefore, what happened in Adamawa State is unacceptable,” the President warned.

He was referring to the men of the Nigerian Army’s assault on the Adamawa Police Command headquarters in retaliation to a brawl between a policeman and a soldier.

“You have a point of the report, a point where you can ventilate your anger, ” President Tinubu noted, warning, “Venting your anger against the police is not acceptable to any of us the leaders. Please, let it end.”

Speaking further, Tinubu described the recent Tudun Biri, Kaduna state accidental bombing as the tragic loss of civilians.

“We weep at the passing of precious men, women, and children; for those of us entrusted with the nation’s security it is severely painful to the falling of those we have sworn to protect,” he said.

Tinubu warned, “The incident must be thoroughly investigated and recurrence must be prevented.”

He charged the conference participants to focus their discussions on intelligence, inclusiveness, and ability to combat security challenges to better protect Nigerians and combat emerging threats confronting the nation.


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