The White House Publishes President Biden’s Statement on War in Gaza

President Joe Biden of the United States of America has expressed deep concerns about the lingering war in Gaza.

Biden made his position known in a statement released by the White House as the conflict between Israel and Hamas clocks 100 days.

Recall that President Joe Biden upon the outbreak of the crisis a sequel to an indelible deadly attack on Israeli citizens by Hamas paid condolences to the nation of Israel where he expressed deep regret over the terror incident that claimed over a thousand lives and many taken into hostage.

Below is the summary with bullet points:

  • 100-Day Milestone of Captivity: Today marks 100 days since over 100 innocent people, including up to 6 Americans, have been held hostage by Hamas in Gaza.
  • Hostages Living in Fear: These individuals have been living in fear for their lives, uncertain of their future.
  • Families in Agony: Their families have endured 100 days of agony, hoping for the safe return of their loved ones.
  • Constant Focus for U.S. National Security: The hostages and their families have been a continuous concern for the U.S. national security team, working tirelessly to secure their freedom.
  • Hamas Attack and Diplomatic Efforts: Since Hamas attacked Israel on October 7, aggressive diplomacy has been pursued to rescue the hostages.
  • Early Successes: In late October, two Americans were successfully reunited with their families.
  • Coordinated Effort for Hostage Release: In November, a collaboration with Qatar, Egypt, and Israel led to a seven-day ceasefire, releasing 105 hostages, including a 4-year-old American child, and allowing for increased humanitarian aid into Gaza.
  • U.S. Commitment to the Ceasefire Deal: There was deep engagement to secure, sustain, and extend the ceasefire, but Hamas withdrew after one week.
  • Ongoing Efforts for Release: Despite setbacks, efforts continue, with Secretary Blinken recently visiting the region to negotiate the release of all remaining hostages.
  • Continued Diplomatic Engagement: The U.S. remains in close contact with Qatar, Egypt, and Israel to ensure the return of all hostages.
  • Empathy for Families of American Hostages: The grief and suffering of the American hostages’ families have deeply impacted the U.S. leadership.
  • Pledge to Hostages and Families: Reaffirmation of commitment to the hostages and their families, emphasizing ongoing efforts to bring Americans home.

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