Reactions as Nigerian Air Force Detains Popular TikTok Skit Maker over Controversial Skits

The Nigerian Air Force has detained a well-known TikTok skit maker, Youngandyzz, over a controversial skit, sparking widespread concern among his fanbase and beyond.

Youngandyzz, who has gained a significant following of over 37,000 on TikTok for his skits that often highlight differences between military practices in Africa and other parts of the world, found himself in hot water after receiving an invitation from the Air Force for questioning regarding his content.

The comedian, who further identifies himself as a “soldier under rank,” shared in his latest TikTok video that the military accused his skits of exposing irregularities within the institution. Despite the comedian’s assertions that his content is purely comedic and not aimed at any specific country or entity, he voiced concerns over the Air Force’s perception of his work. “I no know wetin me I dey expose oo,” he stated, expressing confusion over the allegations against him.

Youngandyzz’s predicament began when he was summoned to the Air Force headquarters for what was described as an interview about his comedic videos. In a preemptive move, he informed his followers about the situation, highlighting the threats he had received from the military to cease creating his content. “They can’t stop me because this is what makes me happy,” he declared, emphasizing the joy and laughter his videos bring to his audience.

His message to his fans was clear: should they suddenly stop hearing from him, it would be because he was in the custody of the Air Force.


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