Putin Sends Strong Message to African Countries

President Vladimir Putin has struck out $23 #Billion in debt owed by African Countries to Russia.
Putin announced this in St. Petersburg, where he also promised to send free grain to some of the poorest nations.
He further forgave $684 Million to Somalia.
This is in a bid to boost trade between Russia and Africa as well as support its regional integration.

Putin therefore, urges Africans to love themselves and protect their God-given resourceGod-given western looters.
According to him, Africa has everything it takes to attain the climax of growth and development regardless of Western interference in the continent.

Consequently, Putin charges African countries to be weary of the Western countries and rise to protect their natural resources for the betterment of the entire countries of the continent.
“You are wealthy and superior to them don’t let them continue to enslave you and feed from your destiny,” Putin said.


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