Prank Gone Wrong? How Joyous Event Turns Sorrowful; Touching Story of 17-Year-Old Girl, Reshma

A woman activist Reshma Banoo Qureshi has become a voice for women and against radicalism years after she survived an attack by her brother-in-law ahead of her wedding.

Reshma Banoo Qureshi, an Indian young woman was to get married when she was 17 but the entire story turned sour when one of her brothers-in-law invaded her room with acid.

Following that unprecedented incident where her brother-in-law attacked and precipitated her with acid – all for doing her makeup and hair for a wedding, Reshma Qureshi’s life was changed overnight, and to date, the memories remain fresh.

A joyous event became a nightmare, however, Reshma did not give up as she stood out to become a voice amid the dark heart of the world undermining the female gender and campaigning against radicalism.

She is now serving as a voice for women and against radicalism, a woman of virtue and splendor.

Meanwhile, the reason for that particular act by her brother-in-law has remained the same as why she should wear makeup at the wedding. And other presumed reasons have remained unearthed to date.

Several people who have reacted to the story could not relate to the fact that an in-law could carry out such an act against the girl, describing it as an act of evil mind. Others, however, maintained that there could be other awful reasons for the attack. Amid the mixed, reactions, it must be accepted that it was not a prank.


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