PDP House of Reps Caucus Gives Tinubu’s Government Ultimatum to End Insecurity in Nigeria

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) caucus in the House of Representatives has set a three-month deadline for President Bola Tinubu’s government to address Nigeria’s worsening security issues.

The caucus, led by Kingsley Chinda, the minority leader of the House, expressed deep concern over the ongoing security challenges facing the nation.

During a press conference following a caucus meeting, Chinda highlighted the critical state of national security, suggesting that if there is no significant improvement within the stipulated timeframe, the caucus would encourage Nigerians to take measures into their own hands to protect themselves. This statement comes amidst continued unrest and violence in various parts of the country, which have sparked widespread alarm and criticism.

Chinda emphasized the urgent need for the government to act swiftly to stabilize the situation, stressing the gravity of the crisis by remarking on the constant need for moments of silence for lives lost.

The caucus firmly believes that immediate action is necessary to restore peace and order across Nigeria, underscoring their resolve with a firm three-month ultimatum for the government to make discernible progress in combating the security issues plaguing the nation.


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