Oman Visa: Requirements for Entry, Document, Grant, Others

Oman is a country in the Middle East and situated on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, which spans the backchat of the Persian Gulf. The country fractions land borders with neighboring countries including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Yemen.
Also, Oman shares maritime borders with Iran and Pakistan. The country, Oman has a population of 5,492,196 and is ranked the 120th most populous country in the world.

There are, therefore things that are of paramount importance that one that wishes to visit Oman for any purpose must know and have at their disposal to be able to get a pass into the country. The other intriguing fact about the country is its rapidly growing in popularity as people seek jobs apply from different countries of the world to gain access to Oman.

Thus, it is pertinent to state that it is not all that apply for such visas succeed in accessing the country. Some fail to reach or complete their document while others may be as result of attempt to follow the back door, get themselves duped by wrong agents masquerading as ambassadors at different embassies in countries around the globe.

Below are what one must be in possession of to be able to enter Oman.

Note that 999 Possession of a valid visa does not guarantee that a traveler will be granted entry to Oman. Entry to Oman is at the discretion of the Royal Oman Police officer at the port of entry.

Entry to Oman:
707Passport must be valid for at least 6 months on entry to Oman.717Visa can be used for multiple entries to Oman, once residency is granted.

Required Document:
341A photograph of the applicant (digital)342A copy of the applicant’s passport.367A copy of the title deed and the floor plan of the building.369A letter from the developer of the integrated tourist complex confirming that the visa applicant is the owner of the already built residential unit, and stamped by the Ministry of Tourism.372A copy of medical fitness certificate endorsed by the Oman Ministry of Health. (Required for certain nationalities only)

504The visa application requires valid supporting documents.

Required Fee:
009The fee for this visa is OMR 50.000, non-refundable.

Extension/ Renewal
914The fine for late renewal or non-registration of the residence permit is OMR 20 per month.

117Must be the owner of a housing unit located in a registered tourism complex.

209This visa does not require a sponsor in Oman.


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