Nnamdi Kanu: Group Makes Shocking Exposition of Impending Doom, Calls for Urgent Action

A popular group of activists known as Anonymous has again made a shocking exposition of fresh plans against the Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, who has been over two years in detention at the Department of State Service DSS, in Abuja.

The group alleges that a man, Hassan Muster had been contracted on Thursday to carry out an elimination agenda on the IPOB’s Leader.

According to the publication, Hassan Mustee is one of the men who work with the Department of State Security DSS and has accepted the offer to poison Kanu’s water.

They, therefore, called on the concerned citizens to hasten up to avert the impending doom rather than wait for the manifestation.

Details of the exposition are below:

“A man with the name Hassan Mustee had been contracted in the early hours of today by top agendists to carry out the elimination agenda on the man Kanu Nnamdi. The man with the said name Mustee, we understand works with the Department of State Security, and has earlier accepted a huge amount of money today to carry out this agenda.
“The plan is to poison all water given to Mr Kanu. We do not know when this agenda may take place but we know for sure that this would happen and the man Kanu would be 6ft below the ground if this exposition is neglected.”

Good luck 👍!


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