Nigerian Catholic Priest Receives Threats Over Comments About President Tinubu, Nigeria Air

A foreign-based Nigerian Catholic Priest, Reverend Father Kelven Ugwu has recently been viewed as a thorn in the flesh of some supporters of the perpetual happenings in Nigeria, especially in the latest developments on post-electioneering activities.

The fiery priest, Reverend Fr. Ugwu has in the week, raised alarm about the growing threats by the supporters of the President of Nigeria, Bola Tinubu, and their political party, APC.

The threats according to Fr Ugwu are a sequel to the comments he made about the newly launched Nigeria Air, as well as his positions in the aftermath of the February 25 general election which brought to power, President Bola Tinubu.

He, however, maintained that no amount of threats can deter him from saying the truth, regardless of who is involved.

His statements read in full:

I have been receiving threatening messages and insults these past weeks. I know there is a plan to taint my image and reputation. Maybe there is also a plan to get me arrested or killed.

What did I do?

Simple: I don’t paint words and I am not in support of the daylight fraud inaugurated as Nigerian president.

I will never be among those twisting Bible stories or quotations to justify the evil that brought Tinubu to power. And it is not about Obi. If Tinubu had won fairly, we won’t have been having this discussion.

And please, avoid the temptation of asking me to “move on” or “focus on preaching the gospel.” If you don’t like what I share here, leave the page peacefully. You don’t pay me to write and I did not force you to follow me.

I will be like John the Baptist. You will have to cut off my head to stop me from saying the truth. And luckily for you, I overcame the fear of death years ago when I was 35. I am not among those afraid of dying. That is why I will stand for the truth even if I am standing alone.

This week, I received yet another threat and insult, (I have attached the screenshot to the post so you can see what I see daily all because of saying the hard truth). The other reason I decided to share this particular insult/ threat on my person is so you see how they kept stressing themselves to get my contacts just to send their frustrations. And worthy of note is that the sender is using a UK number. The person knows how things are done outside of Nigeria, but they don’t usually want good for their own country.

The post he/she/it is fighting me on is the one I made about those who may want to board the newly launched Nigeria Air and the need for them to say their last prayers. I know sometimes I come out hard and with strong words. I always judge the situation, and the situation of that launch of fake Nigeria-air demanded hard words.

The reason is that,

Of all the things to cut corners on, why an airline? Airline of all things. . . An airline that even the best and most meticulous company suffers crashes in which hundreds of lives are lost due to one tiny error or negligence. (If you have been watching Air Crash Investigation, you will understand where I was coming from.)

This is what one minister in Nigeria is toiling with… And because I speak up, people think it is because I am against a president that is not feeding me.

Look at the situation of today with the way Tinubu announced the removal of fuel subsidy with no tactic, no empathy, no groundwork, and no common sense. . .

At the end of the day, every one of us is looking for fuel. Is there any special petrol station for Tinubu supporters? Shey we are all queuing together? Mtchwwwwww!



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