Muslim Group Sends Strong Message to Skit Makers

Blasphemy has become one of the lingering issues in the Northern part of Nigeria, consequent to various incidents including jungle justice over alleged desecration.

Thus, the Ta’awunu Human Rights Initiative has warned skit makers against playing pranks on innocent citizens, passers-by, aged and ailing people.

In a statement signed and released to the PUNCH on Friday by the Director General THURIST-Nigeria, Sulaymon Tadese, the group also cautioned skit makers against deriding Islamic ethics and values.

The statement reads; “The rate at which morality and dignity of humans is being dragged in the mud in the name of skit making is alarming and needs to be properly and promptly addressed to forestall any unwarranted consequences that may arise therefrom.

“Skit makers have now made anyone a cast in shooting skit to gain netizens’ attention at the expense of the inconvenience of innocent citizens, passers-by, unsuspecting job seekers, aged and ailing people anywhere and at any time.

“It is important to state that the recent threat to the life of a veiled woman in a recent viral video is one of the many threats and dangers skit makers expose innocent citizens to in the name of Skit making.

“How do you explain a sane person pranking a woman dressed in a dignified religious garb as in the case of Niqob lady in the viral video and her attending reaction in the name of skit making? Isn’t that an indication that there are no regulations governing the act of skit-making in this country?

THURIST further urges the public, skit makers, and aspiring skit makers to refrain from pranking or creating skits that target innocent citizens, particularly women who wear veils. They state that these individuals should be treated with respect due to their distinguished and exceptional appearance.

The group also called on the government to regulate social media and skit-making to prevent the breakdown of law and order.

It noted that the unconfirmed reports that the man in the viral video has been arrested should serve as a warning to other skit makers.



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