International Workers’ Day: Gov. Soludo Restates Commitment to Anambra Workers

The Governor of Anambra State, Prof Charles Soludo has reiterated his commitment to the state workers to be devoid of any form of politics.

Soludo made this known while addressing Anambra Workers on the occasion of International Workers’ Day, 2023.

He maintained not to be the kind of governor to be reminded about workers’ and pensioners’ welfare, stating that he is also part of the system.

“My commitment to Anambra workers is total, and it’s not something to play politics with. However, celebrating the totality of the workforce goes beyond few members of the Organized Labour. I see the keke driver, the sales girl, sales boy and millions of self-employed people whose productive effort is shaping the economy of the State. I celebrate them too.

“I am not a Governor to be reminded about workers’ and pensioners’ welfare because I consider myself a part of the system, and if you like, a product of same. As a worker too, this time employed by Ndi Anambra, I clearly know where it pinches. Those who deserve promotion will get promoted, we will deal with that expeditiously.

“Since assumption of office, we have made consequential improvements on the welfare of Anambra workers. From a 10% increase in salary across all levels of the workforce, to the clearing of backlog of gratuities of our retirees from 2018 till date. We have also commenced the training and equipping of our workforce with digital skills and tools. This is in addition to our intentional drive towards creating the Anambra Digital Tribe that will be equipped to face the work place challenges of the 4th Industrial Revolution through the Solution Innovation District (SID). So far, 10,000 beneficiaries have been trained in the first cohort, and the second cohort of the “level up Anambra” has just commenced accepting new entries today.

“Our government remains focused on the agenda we presented to Ndi Anambra. We are committed to fulfilling them, and you all are partners in this. Thus, there must be reciprocity, for to whom much is given, much is expected.

“As we mark today for workers across the world, I wish everyone who is into one productive venture or another, a happy Workers’ day.”

CC. Soludo CFR.


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