HANUKKAH: What Israel Is Doing Now Will Shock You

Israel has commenced the ever-anticipated celebration of the victory over the forces of darkness that craved to overwhelm Judea. Hanukkah, a celebration of victory was mapped out to commemorate

The Jewish people throughout history have fought different enemies under different names. The fight just like ameggedon has remained one of the indelible challenges that the nation of Israel combat though they always emerge victorious.

Announcing the kickoff of the celebration, the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu wrote:
” the first candlelight of at the Western wall, a relic of our time”
“The Maccabees then liberated the temple, purified it, and redirected Jewish communism and independence to the heritage of Israel, the religion of Israel, and the nation of Israel. Without them, our lifeline would have been snapped and we would not be standing here today.
“The battle then was against the evil forces that came to annihilate the people of Israel from the face of the earth.
“Today, we fight the Maccabees of our days that came to annihilate the Jewish people and their state from the face of the earth.
“We discover the same determination, the same heroism, and the same sacrifice. We will quickly bring absolute victory over the forces of darkness and we will restore security to all the citizens of Israel.”

De Erudite media has earlier in the build-up to the kick of the ceremony reported that Israel is getting set to commemorate the epic achievements of its forefathers’ victory over darkness.

The event which is known as Hanukkah is celebrated all over the tribes that made up Israel to the glory of God Almighty who makes it possible for Israel to defeat its enemies anytime they come to kill and destroy.

Hanukkah which is kicked off today is celebrated despite the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. It’s a common belief among the Jewish people of Israel that the reminiscence of Hanukkah must be observed come rain come shine.

According to an Israeli Commentator, it’s a holiday to commemorate the victory of light over darkness thousands of years ago in Judea.

“Throughout history, the Jewish people fought different enemies under different names. We always emerged victorious.”


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