FULL TEXT: Implications of Human Rights Violations in Nigeria –Barr. Ejiofor (Esq)

Human Rights Advocate, Sir Ifeanyi Ejiofor (Esq) has analyzed various implications of human rights violations in Nigeria, proffering practicable panaceas toward the adequate protection of human rights in society.

In a presentation entitled IMPLICATIONS OF HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS IN NIGERIA” Presented at the National Summit against “Cybercrime, Violent Extremism, Piracy, Illegal Immigration, Drug Abuse, Fake Drugs, Trafficking, and Human Rights Violation in Nigeria” organized by the NATIONAL CIVIL SOCIETY COUNCIL OF NIGERIA (NCSCN) on the 27th day of April 2023, Ejiofor made a deliberate effort to expatiate on the crux of the worrisome cases in society.

The full text is below:


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