Erisco Foods Faces Backlash over Product Review Invitation Amid Concerns of Legal Repercussions

Erisco Foods Limited recently found itself at the center of controversy after inviting the public to share their thoughts on some of its products through its X (formerly known as Twitter) account.

The request for reviews encompassed four of its offerings: Instant Ginger Drink, Tomato Paste, Fat Filled Milk Powder, and Ric-Giko. However, instead of the intended positive engagement, the call sparked a wave of apprehension and criticism among Nigerian social media users.

This backlash is rooted in a previous incident reported by SaharaReporters in September 2023, where a consumer, Chioma Okoli, was arrested after posting a negative review of Erisco Foods’ Nagiko tomato mix on her Facebook page, stating the product tasted overly sugary.

It has since cast a long shadow over the company’s reputation, with many fearing similar repercussions for expressing their honest opinions about Erisco Foods’ products.

Social media responses have been overwhelmingly negative, with many users voicing their reluctance to engage with the brand in any form. Some criticized the company’s approach to handling criticism, pointing out that the arrest of Chioma Okoli for her review has led to a loss of trust and a decline in the customer base for Erisco Foods.

Others expressed their dismay, suggesting that the company should focus on improving its products rather than prosecuting its critics.

The call for reviews, intended to bring engagement and gather feedback, has unfortunately turned into a public relations dilemma for Erisco Foods.


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