Catholic Priest, Rev Fr. Onwudufor Triggers Reactions With Analysis of How to Welcome Ozo-titled-Man To Traditional Igbo Occasions

A Catholic priest, Rev Fr Dr F.O.F Onwudufor has triggered mixed reactions with the superb analysis of some of the Igbo traditions and cultural practices.

Rev. Fr. Onwudufor is an Igbo culture promoter, author, teacher, researcher, and moralist.
He, has, however, given the public what to reflect on and discuss when he carried out a practical analysis of how to welcome an Ozo titled-man on an Igbo occasion.

Sequel to the analysis, a lot of critics have come after him, asking him to choose between serving as a Catholic priest and the Idols

His Analysis below:
(How to welcome an invited ọzọ titled-man to a traditional occasion in Igboland)
In Igbo land, when an Ọzọ-titled man comes into any occasion on invitation, he is not welcomed just like any other person. He is given a special treat.

At the gate, he is offered one big tuber of yam or two and a fowl. This is in recognition of his status as an ‘nze na ọzọ’. It is perceived as a disrespect and a sign of jealousy not to do that. It is known as ‘Ịna Nri’.

You will demand it if they don’t bring this to you or you threaten to go back to your house. Not to do so is not to know your right. But you must be fully dressed in the full gear of the ọzọ regalia.

Next, as soon as he sits down, he is offered a phallic chalk (nzụ). It is normally placed on the ground before him. He uses it to write his signature on the ground usually starting with the four market days each represented by a line and other marks he may add to distinguish himself. The white chalk is a symbol of purity, righteousness, love and welcome. That is our culture and tradition and that is what you see here below.
From the village elder,
Rev Fr Dr F.O.F Onwudufor
(Okenye Igbo Niine)


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