BREAKING: Tensions As Russian President, Putin Reveals Last Option Against Ukraine, NATO

The Russian President, Vladimir Putin has stated that they would be left with no option but to launch its international ballistic missiles as the NATO team up against Russia.

Putin stated this today while reacting to the growing tension as the war lingers.
Below were the key points of his speech:
◾Today, The Military Potential Of Almost All NATO Countries Is Used Against Russia

◾In All Territories Of The Russian Federation, Including New Ones, The Safe Life Of Our Citizens Will Be Ensured

◾All Information About NATO Forces And Means Is Well Known, It Should Be Analyzed And Used For The Adjustment Of The Russian Armed Forces

◾Russian Servicemen Fight Like Heroes Of Previous Wars, Including World War 2

◾Officers And Sergeants Who Have Gained Experience In Special Military Operations Should Be Appointed To New Positions As A Matter Of Priority

“Sarmat” (SATAN 2) Will Be Put On Combat Duty

◾”Admiral Gorshkov” With The Latest Zircon Missiles Will Enter Combat Service In January

◾We Will Maintain Combat Readiness And Improve The Nuclear Triad – This Is The Main Guarantee Of The Sovereignty Of The Russian Federation
◾Mobilization Revealed Problems.
Everything A Fighter Needs Must Be Modern And Reliable

◾It Is Necessary To Expand The Arsenal Of Modern Shock Weapons In The Russian Army.
Drones Need To Be Widespread.

◾The Whole Country Is Looking At The Russian Armed Forces, Wishes You Success, Good Luck, I Have No Doubt That All Our Goals Will Certainly Be Achieved

Credit: Kingsley John Chibuzor


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