Breaking [Junior Pope]: Video of Counter-Exposition Emerges as Nollywood Actor Makes Shocking Claims, Says Death of Actor is a Prank to Promote Movie

It’s not going to be business as usual despite the fact that virtually everything in this part of the clime is often handled with levity to the extent that the masses especially the gullible could hardly find out what is true or not in society. Imagine a world where people can go extra mile to create and build followers virtually, without conscientious scrutiny of the possible outcome of their strategies and activities.

Nonetheless, the circumstances surrounding the recent incident of a boat mishap that allegedly claimed the lives of a popular Nollywood Actor, Junior Pope, and three others, have continued to pose a series of questions on the authenticity of the incident. Hardly had the report of the incident that allegedly claimed lives suffaced on the Social Media, than people were left in the dark when different bloggers, Content Creators, as well as the general Citizen Journalists suddenly assumed the prestigious work of journalism.

Varying reports flooded the Social Media which kept the general public in suspense and tensed up about the situation. Although, Junior Pope alongside three others were reportedly declared dead, the truth behind the scenes remains vague about the demise of the actor.

This is as one of the Nollywood actors came up with Shocking Claims that the whole thing was geared towards promoting the movie that featured Junior Pope.

Describing his d£ath as a prank which was planned to promote a movie in which he featured, the actor alleges that Junior Pope is not dead, while making a vivid expatiation to substanciate his claims.

The actor who also delved the memory lane, affirmed that when Dargrin died, his corpse was shown, and when Mohbad also died, his corpse was also seen but the case is different on Junior Pope’s alleged demise.

He further revealed that as one who is into movie production, the entire scenario indicate a calculated attempt to promote the movie.

In the video circulated online, further facts were revealed to support the claim that Junior Pope isn’t dead but used as a stunt to promote Movie.

His words in part:
“The producers of this movie are trying to use Junior Pope’s d£ath as a prank to promote the movie. It’s not going to be funny because it’s going to be a slap on the face of the movie industry.”

“Junior Pope entered River Niger according to them. River Niger! No be a small a river oo , na River Niger, without a lifejacket, and on top River Niger, he made a video telling the guy to slow down that he is the only child and he has three children. And he was shouting as he was making the video. A phone was on his ear, while he was not on call.”
“Ok, few hours/later, Junior Pope, we com hear say him Don die. Now, Check the shirt wey Junior Pope wear when dem brought him from the water is not the same with the shirt we saw when he was in the River. That means say, he has changed clothes before he com go die.”

“Now, they brought him from the River, we saw when the boat landed , now the camera man no show us when they comot Junior Pope body. They com show where 2 or 3 people com drop him. Then, the camera man just dey flash the camera on ground. See the place wey Junior Pope dey, see where the camera man dey show us. Why not focus the camera on the dead body make we see say Junior Pope don die. No, U dey film d ground , hey! hey!! People dey shout. Put camera on the dead body. No.

“Small time, Dem carry am say Dem dey go mortuary. As Dem reach , They talk say the mortuary attendant said Junior Pope and the other guy dey unconscious, say make Dem carry Dem go hospital.

“Instead of taking them to hospital, see wetin Dem do….”

“This is not going to be funny if it later turns out to be stunt but a slap in the face of the movie industry”. He said.
See the video here:👇


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