Aisha Yusuf Fires Back at Joe Igbokwe over Alleged Disrespect of New National Anthem

In the aftermath of President Bola Tinubu’s signing of the Bill reinstating the original National Anthem into law, a wave of opinions has surged across social media platforms.

In a fiery exchange, Lagos-based Easter Joe Igbokwe took aim at prominent Northern Activist Aisha Yusuf, accusing her of showing disrespect towards the National Anthem.

Igbokwe’s criticism, branding Yusuf’s attitude as nonsensical, sparked a swift response from Yusuf. She suggested Igbokwe convene a family meeting to gauge the level of respect his own family accords him.

Yusuf didn’t hold back, labeling Igbokwe a Desperado, insinuating that his actions are merely a quest for a share of the national cake, with little regard for principles.

The clash escalated as Igbokwe’s attempt to reprimand Yusuf for her alleged disrespect backfired, leading to a twist where he found himself at the receiving end of scrutiny instead.

As commentators weigh in, it’s evident that the sparks from this confrontation are igniting wider debates about patriotism and the right to dissent in the evolving Nigerian landscape.


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