Again, Bandits Hit Northern Communities, Displace Scores of Residents

Relentless attacks and kidnappings by terrorists have forced the inhabitants of roughly ten communities in the Igabi Local Government Area of Kaduna State, Nigeria to abandon their homes.

The wave of terror has pushed these individuals to seek refuge in safer locales, some opting for nearby communities within the same local government area, while others have fled to the Zaria Local Government Area.

The affected communities, predominantly made up of farmers, now find themselves grappling with the harsh reality of displacement. According to Malam Jafaru Anguwar Salahu, a community leader from the area, the onslaught has transformed vibrant villages into ghost towns.

The list of impacted communities includes Sabon Gida, Anaba, Anguwar Salahu, Guberawa, Garu, Rafin Iwa, Gidanduki, Anguwan Najaja, Kunza, and Anguwan Magaji.

These areas, once bustling with activity, now stand empty, with their residents scattered, trying to rebuild their lives elsewhere.

Salahu conveyed the dire situation of those affected, stating that they now live as internally displaced persons (IDPs), struggling to adapt to their new circumstances without a clear path forward.
The once self-sufficient farmers are now reliant on the goodwill of their host communities, living in a state of uncertainty and fear.


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