Afenifere to President Tinubu: Restructure Nigeria Now Else…

The Yoruba socio-political organization, Afenifere, has said the zoning system in the country cannot guarantee the prosperity of Nigeria, noting that there is, therefore, organizational structuring.

The secretary of the group in the United Kingdom and Europe, Anthony Ajayi, who spoke in an interview, therefore,y Trust, said the group observed that zoning system in the country could not guarantee the prosperity of Nigeria.

He added that Nigerians urgently desired leaders with the will to restructure the country while noting that restructuring was key to the survival of Nigeria.

He maintained that the current constitution vests so much power at the centre, and therefore, could not guarantee the prosperity of Nigeria.

Ajayi said, “Nigerians are yearning for leaders who can restructure the country or convene a sovereign national conference to get a new constitution. The zoning idea can only ensure political equality but will not resolve the multifaceted problems militating against the growth and development of Nigeria. Restructuring is more sacrosanct to the survival of Nigeria than the zoning ideology being propagated by our leaders.

“The current structure has gone worse than envisaged with insecurity and high level of corruption pervading and threatening the existence of Nigeria. The imposition of the 1999 constitution ensured not only the underdevelopment and destruction of Nigeria but also the unfair and criminal transfer of resources.

“Nigeria cannot develop and grow like other countries as long as the current structure is still in place.”

He said that with the president having surmounted the Supreme Court hurdle, he should concentrate on restructuring Nigeria, as well as diversifying the country’s economy away from crude.
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