WATCH THIS: Head of South Africa’s Department of International Law, Prof. Tladi Makes Another Claims Against Israel

The Head of South Africa’s Department of International Law Professor Tladi has said that Hamas is free from terrorism allegations labeled against it by its adversaries

This is a sequel to the event when dozens of people took to the streets in Cape Town in one of several demonstrations planned across South Africa in support of the government’s “genocide” case against Israel.

Lawyers for Pretoria are presenting their case at the UN’s top court in The Hague, where South Africa lodged an urgent appeal to force Israel to “immediately suspend” its military operations in Gaza.

Standing on the steps of the High Court in the southwestern port city of Cape Town, pro-Palestinian demonstrators held signs reading “Stop the genocide” and “Boycott apartheid Israel”.

“Free Palestine,” some chanted. Further rallies are planned in Cape Town and other cities.

Robed officials from South Africa and Israel are heading head-to-head before the Netherlands International Court of Justice.

South Africa argues that Israel is breaking its commitments under the UN Genocide Convention, alleging the bombing and invasion of Gaza is “intended to bring about the destruction of a substantial part of the Palestinian national, racial and ethnical group”.

“This case is important to stop the genocide that is currently happening in the Gaza Strip,” Justice Minister Ronald Lamola told national broadcaster SABC as he arrived in The Hague to support the legal team.

South Africa has long been a vocal supporter of the Palestinian cause, with the ruling African National Congress (ANC) party often linking it to its snuggle against apapaid

It has cut off diplomatic ties with IIsraelits response to the October 7 Hamas attacks.

Meanwhile, in an interview on Sunday, Professor Tlad stated thus0, “We do not consider Hamas a terrorist organization.”

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