VIDEO: Wonders as Nollywood Icon Emeka Ike’s Son Leaks Records of His Father Bullying Him

The Feud Between A Nollywood Actor, Emeka Ike, And His Wife Lingers As Their Son, Michael Ike Releases Records Of His Dad Allegedly Abusing Him.

Michael Ike’s goal has been to become a musician which contradicts the ambitious father’s plan for his son.

His dad, Mr. Emeka Ike was allegedly recorded talking down his son, Michael in a very timorous and authoritative tune, accusing the son of blackmail.

“My dad is always abusing me, saying, you’re doing music, you will never prosper, I will see you on the side of the road and spit on you, Don Jazzy will never see you. I do not want anything from my father. I am d£ad to him- Emeka Ike’s son, Michael, says – lib”


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