Video: Netanyahu Blows Hot after Another Horrible Operations

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu has reiterated his decision to bring back all the captives taken by Hamas fighters since October 7, 2023 attack.

Netanyahu restated his stance on Saturday, May 27, 2024 declaring that even 1,000 judges in Hague can not stand on the moral righteousness of Israel’s ways.

This is a sequel to the yesterday’s attacks that caused a huge effects on the un-involved people.
His words:
“This morning I again met with the families of our abductors and the families of the soldiers. I promised not to let go until we bring everyone home – the living and the spaces.

Regarding the despicable lie as if I am not giving the negotiating team the mandate it is asking for, know that I have granted all five requests to extend the team’s mandate

The pressure should be applied against Hamas and we are doing so. In Rafah we evacuated a million uninvolved residents and despite the best effort a tragic mishap happened yesterday, we are investigating the cases and will draw the conclusions

For us, any non-involved person who is killed is a tragedy, for Hamas it is a strategy

“There is no substitute for absolute victory.”
Among the chants from the stands – it’s slogans.. Who’s stopping you? The entire north is erased.
“1,000 judges in The Hague cannot stand in front of the moral righteousness of our ways”.

See this video 👇


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