VIDEO: Israel Vs Hamas: “We’ll Leave No One Behind” –Netanyahu Makes New Declaration

In a bid to assist evacuees and the families of the abducted, the Israeli government has revealed billions invested in the ongoing crisis between the nation and Hamas and its allies.

The Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu started this while reaffirming the determination not to a ceasefire until the demand for the release of the hostages is done.

Netanyahu further revealed that they are ready to invest more money to ensure that their goal of victory is not truncated.

According to him, a strong back gives them a strong front in war and to that effect, they are going to make sure that the money reaches those it’s meant for.

It would be recalled that the incident of the 7th of October, 2023 has thus far cost the nation a monumental effect as retribution continues. On the other hand, Gaza has become another field for experiments with the unabated attacks on the city since the eruption of the crisis.

Benjamin Netanyahu, therefore, restated that they are not going to leave anyone behind.


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